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In the fashion industry, branding has become the dominant competitive strategy for all successful companies.The aim of branding is to make a link between the character of an object and its branded image or form. A brand’s value is the way people end up thinking and feeling about the product to which it is linked.

Client: AO Originals

Category: Brand Management

Date: January 2022

At AO Originals, the medical-grade silicone rings possess the entire package- not only are our rings fully self-adjusting to your finger, but they also will not itch, feel unpleasant, hurt, or irritate your skin. Therefore, combining hypoallergenic properties along with perfect stretching capabilities. Medical-grade silicone rings are specially designed for wedding bands. They have a robust, solid core that will prevent your wedding ring from losing its shape or size.

Project Duration :
6 months
Deliverables :
Influencer Marketing, web design, branding
Results :
Increase in brand awareness by 50% and 10 onboarded influencers
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