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Branding is a critical component in marketing your coaching business – it shapes your audience’s perceptions of who you are as a coach. This takes intentionality, strategy and honoring your signature strengths and brilliance as a coach. When executed masterfully, your coaching business’ brand will resonate on an emotional level with your target audience, so much so that they are drawn to you and your offerings and become advocates for your brand.

Client: Focus Energy Hub

Category: Brand Management

Date: March 2022

Brands that aims to teach on what to do to get more focus and energy in your life. Step by step they bring you knowledgeable specialists, tips and solutions on each of the principles of wellbeing: movement, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, resilience and focus.

Project Duration :
4 months
Deliverables :
Branding and Social Media Management
Results :
Increase brand awareness and engagement rate
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