A website and online presence strategy help you to market your business online. A website is important because it helps build credibility as a business. Another important thing is that you have the capacity to represent your customers, why should they rely on you and testimonials and facts to support those opportunities by creating a website.

Client: Los Magos

Category: Web Design & Development

Date: January 2020

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We all know the desert carries magic. Made in the centuries-old, wildcrafted tradition of Northern Mexico’s legendary Sotoleros and distilled into a top shelf, award-winning modern spirit, Los Magos Sotol will transport you to the captivating and complex birthplace of this single origin, wild foraged, 100% organic premium spirit. Infused with the magic and mystery of millennia, Los Magos Sotol is an experience unlike any other.

Project Duration :
6 months
Deliverables :
Web design and development, Content Marketing
Results :
Created website mock ups and developed the website and launched it that resulted to hundred clicks