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The idea of alcohol marketing is to bring a brand into the sight of potential customers. Whether the brand falls into the liquor market, beer market, or wine market, the same tactics prevail. However, the way to deliver the marketing message tends to vary by platform and generation.

Client: Los Magos

Category: Social Media Management

Date: January 2020

We all know the desert carries magic. Made in the centuries-old, wildcrafted tradition of Northern Mexico’s legendary Sotoleros and distilled into a top shelf, award-winning modern spirit, Los Magos Sotol will transport you to the captivating and complex birthplace of this single origin, wild foraged, 100% organic premium spirit. Infused with the magic and mystery of millennia, Los Magos Sotol is an experience unlike any other.

Project Duration :
6 months
Deliverables :
Content Marketing
Results :
Create video trailers for all productions garnering an average of 100 views

Managing social media accounts goes beyond simply posting. It is important to respond to comments and engage with customers. If a follower asks about the best mixer to compliment your liquor product, you want to make sure you provide a prompt answer.