The good news about modern campaigns is that social media offers the ability to connect with voters in ways that never were possible before. Humans are visual creatures. Our brains are designed to remember faces and we respond accordingly. If your campaign can take advantage of this, it will give your social media presence a major advantage.

Client: Richard Advincula

Category: Video & Photo Production

Date: September 2021

The RA Motorcade is a local political event co-produced by Carthal Manila. It is held in different parts of Pasay City as a sign of early campaigning for the 2022 national and local elections. Carthal Manila provided photography, videography, and social media marketing for this event.

Project Duration :
8 months
Deliverables :
Video Production
Results :
Created 50 edited photos, 3 IG Reels, and 3 minuter videos for the campaign.
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