We are living in a time where visual communication is the key to make a brand name for your business. Be it online – through social media, website, mobile apps, emails, etc.–, or offline – through brochures, billboards, business cards, etc. Graphic design plays a vital role in targeting customers and creating a brand name. So, if you are a realtor looking to fast pace your real estate business, graphic design can help add that velocity.

Client: Ginger Walker

Category: Graphic Design & Video Editing

Date: May 2019

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Real Estate Professional licensed with Coldwell Banker Elite in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Representing Northern Virginia homeowners and future homeowners, Ginger is committed to listening to her clients’ needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Project Duration :
2 years
Deliverables :
Photo and Video Production, Editing, Flatlay, Layout, Branding
Results :
Created images for posting and video reels for IG and TikTok