This is simply the nature of people, we love to see images because it helps increase our chances of recollection. Graphic designs have become essential to draw the attention of potential customers towards a business. It has become necessary in business and taking advantage of this can surely boost your sales.

Client: Nicole Scott

Category: Graphic Design & Video Editing

Date: December 2021

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With 15 years of combined experience with business development & business operations, Nicole Scott, aspires to empower entrepreneurs to be financially fit through credit repair and business coaching. Credit Coach Nicole Scott comes from real life personal credit challenges & professional experiences, eventually putting together proven and tested steps on starting your own business, walks you through the process of repairing, building and managing your credit, and firing your boss so you can begin building wealth and expand your business goals.

Project Duration :
7 months
Deliverables :
Photo and Video Production, Editing, Flatlay, Layout, Branding
Results :
Created thumbnails and edited video for reels and YouTube