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Branding your app will reassure customers that they are in the right spot and can continue to have a positive relationship with your business long after their first contact. Then, once enough customers find you online, you will be well on your way to becoming a customer approved, five-star brand/business!

Client: Urgently

Category: Brand Management

Date: September 2021

As society leans more into technology, Urgently is the most advanced roadside assistance platform in the U.S. It provides services like towing, key replacement, road hazard, trip interruption, and the like by suing a mobile app, it caters to any individual with interest in travel, leisure, cars, and more. Urgently aims to be the fastest and most reliable assistance service out there; calling it Uber, but for tow trucks.

Project Duration :
4 months
Deliverables :
Results :
Increased brand awareness and Revenue
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