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For a technology business to maintain its altitude over the long-term, branding is just as important, perhaps even more important than the technology itself. Branding, which is the branding of the company as opposed to the actual product is what give the business a chance of long-term growth and survival.

Client: Veggie Bots

Category: Brand Management

Date: May 2020

Veggie Bots offers you the innovative mushroom growing M-Machine designed to grow the perfect mushroom with almost no work on your part. The machine will safely take you from setup to harvest in any environment. Monitor your mushrooms anytime from the app or on the touchscreen. No more hunting for Morels in the woods at six in the morning. Now, this futuristic device can sit on your kitchen counter, growing one of nature’s healthiest treats and amazing your guests.

Project Duration :
6 months
Deliverables :
Branding and Social Media Management
Results :
Increased brand awareness, followers and engagement rate
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